E2 Evans Educational Solutions, LLC. is a Michigan-based nonprofit organization providing professional development and school improvement support to K-12 educators across the Michigan and Illinois. E2 Evans Educational Solutions, LLC. was established in 2007.  The company was formed out of the passion to improve inner city schools; by providing school improvement services to various educational institutions. Our goal is to transform education by empowering educators to become masters of their craft to create positive learning communities where students can excel. E2 coaches are experienced classroom teachers and school leaders who know how to embed the most effective research-based practices into classrooms to meet the needs of every student.

Through professional development and coaching, we are inspiring change in schools and transforming instruction to drive sustainable increases in student achievement.


Our Vision

We want to see a world where all students regardless of economic statues, color or origin have equitable opportunities for success through meaningful connections with educators that are well equipped to build positive relationships, build self esteem, and distinguish between behavior problems and cultural differences.

Our Mission

Through professional development and coaching, E2 serves as a catalyst to empower educators to exceed the demands of an ever-evolving education environment in order to meet the unique learning needs of every student and approach diversity as an opportunity for inclusion.

Our Beliefs

Our team’s shared beliefs are built from a passion to provide every student with excellent learning opportunities.

  • All decisions, big or small, must place the needs of students above the needs of adults.
  • Good relationships are fundamental, and they must be built and maintained among students and educators.
  • All deep, sustainable school improvement occurs from the inside out.
  • The adults in every school possess the power to ensure student success.
  • In 21st Century education, collaboration is not optional; it is essential. It is a skill that must be learned and developed.
  • The key to transforming educational practice is understanding the influence of identities and beliefs on behavior.
  • No curriculum, program, or strategy can replace effective teaching.
  • Data must consistently guide decisions about teaching and learning.
  • In schools, high-quality adult conversations are a prerequisite for student success.
  • Self-directed, reflective educators are pivotal to school success.