S.T.E.M.agination Camp 2016

NAME: S.T.E.M.agination Camp



Allen Early Learning Academy, Discovery Middle School and Salem High School


ABOUT US:  We offer a safe, cool and exciting place for your child to spend the summer.  S.T.E.M.agination Camp is a great way for your child to make friends, explore science, technology, engineering and math in a fun and creative environment.  Our camp encourages participants/campers to develop self-esteem, confidence and independence.  Campers get an opportunity to explore the world around them, learn and vacation all at the same time!  Our S.T.E.M. camp incorporates Next Generation Science Standards.

Parents can enjoy the freedom of knowing that each of our staff members have undergone a background check, an in-depth interview process and training.  Your little ones safety is our first priority. Campers are thoroughly checked in and out each day.

Our philosophy is simple…fun, exploration and safety.

Join the S.T.E.M.agination Camp family and arrange your child’s fun, exciting and stimulating summer.  We are excited and can’t wait to meet this year’s campers!



What is STEM? STEM is a real world focus. STEM is hands-on learning that applies to the world around us. STEM builds and teaches creativity, problem solving, life skills, ingenuity, resourcefulness, patience, and curiosity. STEM is what shapes the future as our world grows and changes. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is everywhere and in everything we do and how we live. That is what STEM is all about.

WHY CHOOSE S.T.E.M.agination CAMP?

Our kids thrive with STEM activities. STEMagination activities push kids to expand their horizons, try and try again, and use their imagination as a means to success. What is STEM? Science, technology, engineering, and math are key areas for building knowledge and shaping the future of young kids. Choose STEM activities early on and present STEM activities in a playful way. We will not only teach your child amazing concepts, but we will build a love for exploring, discovering, learning, and creating!


If you register for at least one week of camp, you can use After-Camp any afternoon, ALL SUMMER LONG. No pre-registration! Consider us your STEM-cation!

We’re tax deductible! We’ll send you an itemized invoice with our tax ID# at the end of the summer.

Our campers are outside learning, playing & making new friends each day!



Activities can include nature and earth sciences, chemistry, and physics!


Computers, calculators, smartphones, tablets, youtube, and more are all technology!


Designing and building anything from towers to robots!


From the very first one-to-one counting and sorting all the way up to calculus, mathematics is a key part of STEM!

OPEN HOUSE: May 28th 1-3pm

Meet our amazing staff. Don’t wait for the open house to register the popular camps will be sold out; however, registration will be available.


7 Weeks of STEMagination Camp:

June 20th, June 27th, July 11th, July 18th, July 25th, August 1st, August 8th



Kimberly Evans, Ph.D.: (owner and operator) I am a former elementary teacher, elementary and high school Principal and consultant to many educational institutions. I have been in education since 1990.  I am a Marygrove College (89), University of Michigan (92), and Wayne State University(00 & 05) Alumni.  I am the mother of three wonderful adult children and “GIGi” to two wonderful grandsons.  My hobbies are reading, cooking and spending time hanging with my two favorite boys.


Kierra Willingham: I’m currently a High School Science teacher. I have enjoyed teaching a variety of sciences (Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, and General Science) in the Metro Detroit Area for the past five years. I began my educational journey at University of Detroit Mercy where I earned a B.S. in Biology. Soon after I married and began to grow my family. I later returned to school to pursue my love of education. I enrolled at  Eastern Michigan University where I earned my teaching certificate with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.

I’m a mother of two amazing boys. My boys and I spend our free time baking and decorating cookies, playing at “the brown park”, going to the movies, watching Big Hero 6, and visiting GiGi.  When I’m not with my boys I’m normally developing my lesson plans and discovering new and interesting ways to keep my students engaged. I experience true joy when my students learn and understand new concepts and they don’t even realize they are doing so!


Michelle Evans: I have a B.A. in Applied Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Master’s in Social Work from Wayne State University. I enjoy photography, reading, blogging, and website designing. Oh, did I mention that I love Makeup and I have a collection that would make any makeup geek jealous!